Hi all

Hi All,
I am almost 29yo mother of one. Happily married to a man I met way back in high school (and I actually didn't really like him then HAHA) I work as an independent doTERRA wellness advocate and tho I do shamelessly advertise on my page I don't on my community page. I LOVE using essential oils and spinning yarn on my Ashford Traveler (named Tilly).
I also like to
sketch and paint
sculpt in clay and homemade paper mache`
knit, crochet, and weave
machine sew and hand embroider
book making and book cover making
planner making and decorating
soap, shampoo, and lotion making

I love to learn and meet new people from all walks of life. I enjoy learning about cultures different than my own. I am a Christian and though I don't try to convert people you shouldn't add me if you don't like people sharing quotes from the Bible, encouraging words for faith or my offering to pray for you.

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Name: Rachel, or Rach.
Birthday: March 23rd, 1989.
Age: 20 years young.
Horoscope: Aries.
Sexuality: Straight.
Marital status: Happily taken.
Good: Caring, determined, empathetic, friendly, honest, loyal, understanding.
Bad: Anxious, manipulative, selfish, vengeful.
Obsessions: Criminal Minds, criminology, old school video games, Pokemon, psychology.
Randoms: Struggles with social and generalized anxiety. Doesn't smoke, doesn't do drugs and doesn't drink alcohol.

Add me?

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Name's Rach. I'm 20 years old. I'm not really new to this thing. I've been on and off this website for the last few years now, mainly because I never had anything to update about. But, my life is taking a change now and I've got things to write about. So, I decided to come back!! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else with a LiveJournal so I'm hoping I can make some new friends by posting here.

A little bit about me: I'm a nice person and I care a lot about people. I'm forgiving, but I never forget. I don't do drugs, I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol. I don't care if others do so long as they respect my lifestyle. I'll be friends with pretty much anyone. I'm not into the whole labels thing. I love love love animals, especially cats. I've got 2 of them and plan on having more whenever I'm on my own. I get a kick out of playing old school video games (Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64). I have a tiny obsession with Pokemon. Oh, come on!! They're just so cute. :) I'm fascinated by psychology and human behavior as well as criminology. I'd love to be a social worker or a profiler. I used to volunteer my time to help disabled people. I had a blast doing it and I miss it very much.

Things you might be able to relate to:
- I have generalized anxiety as well as social anxiety / social phobia. I've been struggling with it my entire life and most people don't understand it. However, I'm getting better with the right psychologist and am getting my life back on track.
- I love animals.
- My favorite band is Within Temptation.
- My favorite television show is Criminal Minds.
- I was in an abusive relationship for almost 4 years with my first boyfriend. We aren't together anymore and I've found someone new who I swear is my soul mate, but my relationship with him is still hard because of my social anxiety and because of my previous relationship that brought on trust issues with men.
- My Mother was an alcoholic, and she isn't in my life anymore.
- I live with my Father in an Apartment.
- I love Psychology, Human Behavior and Criminology.
- I want to save the world and people.
- I don't drink, I don't do drugs and I don't smoke.
- I'm an Aries.
- I have a huge fear of needles.

*waves hello*

 Hello all.  I know, quite the typical greeting.  I am new/ kind of to LJ.  But I recently had to restart me LJ again because I forgot my old info to log in to my old LJ...sad.  I am 26 years old, Irish dancer and fencer.  I am also a pre-school teacher and am always writing on LJ and Facebook :)  I am originally from San Francisco (went to college there), but now I am back in Oregon, laaame.  Feel free to add, my entries are never the same, unless I am REALLY sick. 

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My Name is Carmen, I'm 20 years old , and have been wanting some lj friends for a long time now, but have failed miserably. My friend list is nothing to be proud of, and it has absolutely no feedback whatsoever. That certainly doesn't mean that my Lj is boring, and trival. I think my posts are at least some what interesting, and pretty random. I would just like some more feedback, and also have a more interesting friend's page since my current one is so lame. I usually post throughout the week, and I love leaving comments. So if you are interested please add me or comment whichever.
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My name's Eileen and for the most part, I'm a very caring person. I love meeting new people and having indepth conversations about anything. I love talking. I love commenting people. I have a boyfriend named Jeremy and he is my world. He's the only person I can really trust right now in my life. I'd love to talk to anyone about anything. So if you add me, I'd be sure to add you back. But please, take into consideration that I don't want to be just another person on your list. I don't want to add to the growth of your friend count if that's all you care about. I'd like to have honest and genuine people on my list.

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Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm new to LJ.
I like to draw, play the flute, and listen to music.
Bands I like: Do as Infinity, Buck-Tick, High and Mighty Color, Tokyo Jihen, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.
Anyway, I'd love to make new friends here, add me? :P

Looking for some LJ friends.

I'm Emily and I'm looking for some LJ friends to add to my new livejournal.
I'm looking for..er..understanding friends (is the best way I can put it) who don't TiPe LyKe DiS!!!11
A little intelligence will be nice.
I'm into photography, poetry, music.
Boring little things, I suppose. Hehe.
So, um...just add me and I'll add you back.
Oh, don't forget to comment, please!!!

(If this violates any rules or anything, feel free to delete.)